Lamp 5K

9 May 2022

Our amazing member Matt Barton of Lamp has some exiting up coming news for us to share!

Mental Health Awareness week (9th – 15th May 2022) provides the perfect opportunity to bring our community together and raise awareness of advocacy and the benefits physical activity can have on your mental health.

Lamp want to encourage you to get active during mental health week to better your mental health and increase your wellbeing by taking part in a 5k activity of your choice. Walking, running, rolling or cycling may be the most common forms of exercise but feel free to be creative. Swimming, rowing or even a simple dog walk may be your thing; or how about combine three activities together over the week for a Lamp Triathlon or doing an activity in fancy dress.

Why not make it a 50km!?! Not only will this distance help us to achieve our target of 384,400KM during the week, it makes for a perfect and challenging fundraiser. If distance isn’t your thing, how about a space themed walk or event?

Can you raise £1 per KM covered?! We aim to raise £1 for every KM achieved to provide much needed support to those struggling to access mental health services across Leicestershire.

To get involved is simple

Step One – Select Your Activity

  • Decide on a 5k (or more) activity of your choice

Step Two – Join our groups so you can log your miles

Step Three – Fundraise or Donate

Step Four – Get everyone involved

  • Get your household, family,  colleagues and communities involved and get active! Share and promote the importance of physical exercise leading to better mental health. Don’t forget to tag Lamp and use those hashtags.

#Lamp5k #mentalhealth #lamp #staywellwithlamp

Step Five- If you want to join any group walks then check out the two below