About Us

Our Ethos
“We believe that the power of strong collaboration, communication and connections, with reciprocity at the core, is key to the success of our business community.”

Meet the Team

Alexandra Slack

Meet Alexandra Slack – the founder of The House of Lifestyle Management who runs and owns THE CIRCLE CLUB. Alex’s life purpose and passion is to connect people both personally and professionally whilst also giving back to the community. She thrives on seeing how the individuals within the club collaborate, grow, give back and succeed together. Alex has a lengthy and proven background in event management which creates the perfect fit for THE CIRCLE CLUB.  She wants to create seamlessly crafted business meetings and events so that businesses have the perfect environment to prosper. Alex makes you feel welcomed and immediately included into the club with her warm personality helping members fit into the group quickly.

Rosie Warner
Membership Manager

Rosie is dynamic, personable and most importantly organised. Rosie does an excellent job at running THE CIRCLE CLUB on a day to day basis making sure all members have quick response times on any queries they may have. Rosie makes sure all the events are scheduled, tracks everyone’s attendance and sends out reminders to members to make sure they are utilising their membership wisely. With her proven track record as a PA and her background in the hospitality industry, Rosie is a great asset to the members as she makes everyone feel welcome, involved and included. All of which are such important aspects for a Private Members Business Club.

Lara Addison
Marketing Co-Ordinator

Lara is responsible for the Circle Club’s Social Media including the promotion of our events, boosting membership, and supporting members. She is also the main content designer of the marketing material for both our online and offline platforms. Not only does Lara’s background in Marketing add value to The Circle Club team, but she also has considerable experience in Design and Photography.

Sienna Stafford-Watkins
Membership Co-Ordinator

Sienna supports Rosie in the general management of our memberships. She is always happy to help and support our members throughout your membership. Sienna is a super dynamic and hardworking individual who ensures all our members get the most out of The Circle Club. Her bubbly and friendly aura helps to make sure everyone always feels comfortable and relaxed at our events.

How it started
THE CIRCLE CLUB, a private members business club, has been in the making  since September 2019 but under a different guise, however, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, an opportunity arose to further develop an existing successful business club, Concannon Connection. 

For those of you who don’t know, Concannon Connection was set up by Cherie Concannon who is an exceptional business coach based in Leicestershire looking after top Managing Directors in Leicestershire and beyond. She created Concannon Connection some years ago and has been incredibly successful in building an extensive and exclusive business club. COVID-19 brought about the realisation that Cherie needed to concentrate on the RPO (Raising Performance in Operations) side of her business (increasing productivity in manufacturing) which is growing rapidly, and she subsequently decided to step down. Together, the members decided that this thriving business community which Cherie had nurtured needed to be maintained and the decision was made to re-brand and re-launch as THE CIRCLE CLUB, managed by The House of LM Ltd. 

The offering and format of the club has changed, however, Cherie’s key ethos of reciprocity remains the same and will always be at the core value of the club. Even allowing the group to remain together under a new guise shows her personality in abundance.  


What will you get?
The aim of THE CIRCLE CLUB is to bring together elite, like-minded business owners with a passion for self-development and a thirst for knowledge. Through our unique networking opportunities, we can enhance your business and raise your individual profile within the community whilst ensuring you are accountable for all your goals. We can help you to be the best version of yourself whilst being mutually reciprocal and holding strong philanthropic values. These key ingredients will help to grow your business, increase your profit and expand your client base.

The Future Vision – why is this important to you joining?
THE CIRCLE CLUB is a member’s club for its members so it’s important to know the future direction of the club and what that means to its patrons.

We will be expanding the club into Nottingham and then Derby by the end of 2021. This expansion will be great for members as their network circles will grow and they can cross refer and engage.

In early 2021 we will be launching THE INNER CIRCLE which will be by invite only to successful driven entrepreneurs in the county where they can have mastermind events and be invited to beautifully curated ‘CIRCLE OF 8’ events where 8 people are invited and handpicked by Alex to facilitate strong connections whilst also having fun. THE INNER CIRCLE will cross over with THE CIRCLE CLUB which will broaden everyone’s network.

By July 2021 we will have launched THE CIRCLE CLUB Foundation. This is very exciting because it will allow all our members (THE INNER CIRCLE and THE CIRCLE CLUB) to achieve their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility desires through a governed, safe, audited gateway to give back to the local community.

THE CIRCLE CLUB has partnered with Leicestershire Live
Leicestershire Live reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors across its media platforms and engages local businesses. In 2019 it delivered in excess of 15m page views a month, with a strongly engaged Leicestershire based audience so we are thrilled to be able to partner with them for the benefit of the members. 

Why not submit your application to join the club now  – link to join page and in a nice button.

“I joined to meet fellow business owners so we can share skills and knowledge and help each other with our business ventures. I have found The Circle Club to be the most engaging and welcoming networking group of all the ones I have been too.”

– Dave Ricks – Light Up Creative