Annette Cairns

Green Shed Talent Development Limited

Annette's coaching offer

I bring over 20 years of experience in
Leadership Development and Executive
coaching to you, enabling you to
maximise your potential. I believe that
you have the answers there somewhere!
You just need the questions to help you
unlock that potential…let me help you.


I use a challenging, yet supportive approach
to coaching to bring out the best in you. I
have a pragmatic approach to life and my
coaching. Why complicate things if they can
be simple?
I become a coach as I want to empower
people to recognise their own potential and
then seize every opportunity to use that
potential to live their ideal life.
I offer Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout or
face to face coaching as I prefer to connect
with your eyes!
I work 1:1 or with your team to work towards
creating the business that you want. I use a
mix of tools, psychometrics and leadership
models to work with you to unlock your
potential in business and in life.