Commitment (ALL) Upgrade!

Looking to receive even more benefits from your Circle Club membership?! Then you’ve come to the right place! As a member of the Commitment Package, there are TWO ways to upgrade your membership…

1. Upgrade your Package

Firstly, you can upgrade from our Commitment Package to the Collaborate Package (Tier 3).

The Collaborate Package focuses on offering support and guidance on all things networking, assisting you to make the most of your time and ensuring you are connecting with the RIGHT people. Priced at £139+VAT per month this package is perfect for busy entrepreneurs looking to dramatically increase their reach and raise their profile in the wider community.

The key benefits of this package are:

Showcase your business to a wide range of professionals, with a FOC promotional stand at The Circle Club’s Annual Business Expo!

Receive expert assistance when booking luxury holidays, securing tickets to sold-out gigs, booking dinners in Michelin-Star restaurants and much more!

Receive tailored advice from one of our Expert Power Connectors through an exclusive Door-Opening Session dedicated to connecting you with the right people on your target list.

Additional Benefits:

  • 4x annual ‘Cross-County Passes’ to Members’ Meetings in other Counties
  • Personal invites to VIP Events
  • Access to the Risk Dashboard Software with a personalised
  • Promotion of your external events/workshops
  • Invitations to 2x ‘Get Together’ Events per year with The Partnership Collection
  • A 2 hour free trial with a personalised PA

The main differences between the Collaborate Package and your current package are the bespoke door opening session; access to the ‘Get Together’ events hosted by The Partnership Collection; and the free trial with a PA.

Please note, due to the nature of this package, it is only available to business owners and payments are taken on an annual basis as opposed to monthly instalments.

2. Add Cross-County Membership

Secondly, did you know that you can be a member of multiple counties?

For just £40 a month you can add an additional county of your choosing to your membership!


  • Unlock unlimited access to every Members’ Meeting in an additional County of your choosing
  • Host the 10-Minute ‘Member in the Circle’ speaking slot at your selected county’s Members’ Meetings
  • Receive an additional opportunity of being awarded ‘Member of the Month’ every month
  • Increase your chances of being awarded the overall ‘Member of the Year’ at our Annual Christmas Awards Lunch
  • Gain access to your selected county’s Private WhatsApp group
  • Expand your network and form meaningful business connections across multiple counties
  • Vastly increase your reach and raise your brand awareness
  • Shape the future of The Circle Club by having your say on any new membership applications to said county

Ready to upgrade? Just complete this form: