Derby: September Members’ Meeting

Wednesday 15th of September 2021 at 9:00 am

Location: Hybrid Event - Attendees can choose to either attend in person at a central Derby location or virtually via Zoom

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Ratcliff of JRM Sales & Consultancy

Title: Referrals – A Practical Guide to the Easiest and Most Valuable Sale you can Make & How to Ensure that you are Getting as Many of These as you Deserve

Jonathan Ratcliff – JMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd

When Jonathan left Carlsberg 17 years ago, he set up JMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd. to help a variety of clients with short to mid-term contracts solving a wide range of their business development challenges. Jonathan’s objective is to improve the Salespeople & processes so that any costs are covered by additional profits.

Sales Strategy Development

Like the corporate strategy, the Sales strategy needs to direct the sales effort to ensure that the team are all pushing in the same direction and have objectives that support the corporate goals. This is usually one of the first areas he concentrates on with Clients.

Tailored Training where it matters most

Most classroom Sales Training doesn’t work that’s why Jonathan prefers not to do it, he prefers to train in the Field where there is no hiding from real Customers and their reactions to imperfect Salespeople.

121 Mentoring & Coaching

As well as working with large organisations Jonathan thoroughly enjoys working with owner-operators and micro businesses. For these companies, he offers coaching by the hour to help those individuals with specific issues which may be hampering their company’s growth aspirations.

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