Leicester: January Members’ Meeting

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Friday 14th of January 2022 at 9:00 am

Location: Hybrid Event - Attendees can choose to either attend in person at the Business Box or virtually via Zoom

Join us for an interactive goal-setting workshop aimed at assisting attendees to effectively strategise for the year ahead.

We offer all non-members of The Circle Club a free pass to the first Members’ Meeting they attend.

Every other Circle Club Member’s Meeting features an original interactive workshop run by a guest speaker to educate attendees on both business and personal growth topics.

We focus on one big learning topic each month and the meeting is a mixture of listening and exercise work to help you grow your business.

Our Member’s Meetings are a safe place for attendees to voice any problems or concerns they may have. These concerns will then be discussed by the group who offer honest, strategic feedback to help the individual or business move forward and grow faster.

Every attendee is also given the opportunity to say hello and discuss two things; a recent success story or a big win and then something they wish to achieve that month (holding them accountable).

Our member speaker this month is Joanne Warren.

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