Members Charter

The core of what we are all about is detailed in the 16 points that make up our charter. All Circle Club members will be required to follow the charter as we work together to achieve success for one another’s businesses.

Mission: Better Together through Reciprocity

  1. I shall only positively promote fellow members
  2. I shall ask for help when I need it
  3. I shall only positively promote the membership
  4. I shall not do anything to the detriment of fellow members
  5. I shall do everything I can in line with The Circle Clubs’ ethos of reciprocity.
  6. I shall try to have 1:1’s with other members where possible to find out about each business. These meetings will be fairly distributed with 30 minutes on each business.
  7. I shall positively address any issues of conflict arising with members
  8. I shall abide by The Circle Club’s Non-Disclosure Agreement
  9. When receiving referrals from members, I shall follow up with said referrals as efficiently as possible in a positive manner
  10. I shall provide the quality of services at the prices that I have quoted to members and non-members
  11. I will focus on building trusting and benevolent relationships among members and any referrals
  12. I shall live up to the ethical standards of my profession
  13. I shall consider applications for new members positively and look for ways to approve and embrace new members and shall not unreasonably reject applications
  14. I shall be honest with members and any referrals
  15. I shall at all times represent The Circle Club’s Membership in a professional manner and shall refrain from actions which could bring The Circle Club into disrepute
  16. I shall positively embrace the element/framework of The Circle Club Forums. Guest Panel Speakers will refrain from carrying out a sales pitch. The Circle Club Members will ‘tell their story’