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Tim Elliot - Facilitator / Creative

I spent the first 20 years of my career in the creative services industry as a marketing and brand strategist, during which time I had the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders on creating purpose-driven and effective strategies.

Since the agency days ended in 2016 my work more often shows up through the medium of public speaking, let me break it down a little …

• I work as a Public speaker: Delivering talks and workshops at events and communities.

• I work as a Facilitator: Facilitating human-centred design-driven workshops with leaders and their teams to help them meet specific challenges and opportunities.

• Finally, I work as a mentor, which is still speaking but is much more about empathetic, deep, strategic conversations with leaders in a 1-2-1 setting.

Outside of this type of work, my time is focused on two projects:

Firstly, I am very proud to be the UK coordinator for The Climate Reality Project ( more on that in my experience section below) and to help the 740+ UK-based climate reality leaders to come together and solve the greatest challenge of our time, the climate crisis through the power of communication, education and storytelling.

Secondly, I’m trying to become an endurance athlete so you will often catch me running around the hills and trails of the UK as a fully-fledged member of the ‘cult of trail and ultra-marathon running and yep I know it’s not Facebook but the running content sometimes makes it into my LinkedIn feed but if you want to see more of my running life head over to Instagram @TimElliottUK ?.

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