TIER 2 (LEIC) – Annual Christmas Awards Lunch


What is the Annual Christmas Awards Lunch?

Every December you are invited to join us for an afternoon of festive drinks and irresistible food as we bring together members (& guests) from across all counties for one big networking lunch!

This lunch takes place INSEAD OF your county’s December Members’ Meeting.

All members of The Circle Club receive a discount on the ticket price when registering, however, only members of Tier 2 or above (that’s you!) are entered into the awards.

This event is open to non-members of The Circle Club (so feel free to invite your partner or friends) as well as members of other local networking groups.

How do the awards work?

The awards at our Annual Christmas Awards Lunch are directly linked to the Loyalty Scheme.

The member who has accrued the most points throughout the year will receive the title of ‘Member of the Year’. Not only does this bring great exposure during the Annual Christmas Awards Lunch for the winner, but they will also receive an AMAZING sponsorship deal at our National Business Expo the following June! To find out more about the Loyalty Scheme CLICK HERE.

Awards will also be given for achievements such as inviting the highest number of guests to our events, referring other members and having the highest attendance rate.

When and where do these events take place?

Our Annual Christmas Awards Lunch always takes place in December. The exact date and time will vary from year to year as will the venue. Please be sure to double-check these details when purchasing your tickets.

What are the benefits?

  • Organically create new connections with like-minded business owners, decision-makers and professionals in a relaxed and informal environment.
  • Raise your profile and generate great exposure for your business when accepting awards.
  • Be in with the chance of winning a huge sponsorship package at The Circle Club’s National Business Expo if awarded the title of ‘Member of the Year’!
  • Develop long-lasting personal relationships as well as professional ones.
  • Celebrate the achievements of other members of The Circle Club.
  • Enjoy delicious food from a bespoke menu.
  • Get in the festive spirit!

How do I access these events?

Please be aware, you must purchase a ticket via the button below to attend this event. Because you are a member of The Circle Club, you will receive a discount on the ticket price. Please enter the following promo code at the checkout: xmas22


Which Membership Tiers are these events included in?

Members of every tier are invited to purchase a discounted ticket but on members in Tier 2 or above will be entered into the awards.

Do I have to be a member to attend?

Not at all, this annual celebration is open to members and non-members alike! However, you must be a member of The Circle Club to get a discounted ticket and only those in Tier 2 or above will be entered into the awards.

How long is the event?

It will vary from year to year, however the official lunch usually lasts around 3 hours. All attendees will then be invited to informally carry on the celebrations after if they wish.

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend always bringing your business cards.

Is there a dress code?

Think festive smart/casual!

I’ve registered for one of these events but haven’t received any emails what should I do?

Please check your spam. If you still can’t find the emails reach out to a member of our team via either hello@the-circle.club or +44 1664 784 011.

As a member of The Circle Club, do I need to register myself for these event?

Yes, if you would like to attend the Annual Christmas Awards Lunch you will need to purchase your ticket through Eventbrite. Don’t forget to use the promo code!

Can I join online?

No. We don’t offer an online option for these events as we feel the major benefits lie in attending in person.

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