Core/Leicester- Expert in the Circle Sessions

Included in Tier 2 & above

What is an Expert in the Circle Session?

These sessions allow members of Tier 2 or above to unlock insider advice, knowledge and tips from fellow members across different industries completely free of charge. The sessions focus on a wide range of business topics including Marketing Advice, Time Management tips and Cana Training. 

How do I access the Expert Vault?

To view the full selection of our current Expert in the Circle Sessions, please click the button below.

Please be aware that access to this page is exclusive to members of The Circle Club in Tier 2 or above and is NOT to be shared with any external parties or individuals.

Can I host my own session?

As a member of Tier 2 or above you are permitted to host your own Expert in the Circle Session where you can share your knowledge with the other members.

The session will be recorded over Zoom and then uploaded to our Expert Vault page on the website (only accessible by members of The Circle Club in Tier 2 or above). A member of The Circle Club team will log on to the call with you to help with the tech and to introduce you at the start of the recording. 

The sessions can be up to an hour long and can also include up to 3 pre-written questions to be asked by us at the end of the call to make the session more interactive and insightful. It is completely up to you, the host if you would like to include a PowerPoint presentation to complement your talk. 

What are the benefits?

  • Raise your profile within our membership base 
  • Increase awareness of your brand and the services you offer 
  • Display your knowledge of the industry you work in and the competence you have in what you do
  • Build trust in your services/company
  • Positively promote your brand
  • Increase your sales 


How many Expert in the Circle Sessions can I host?

Up to 3 per year!

Who will have access to my session once it is uploaded to the Expert Vault?

Only current members of Tier 2 or above will have access.

Can my session be less than an hour?

Yes, absolutely! There is no minimum time requirements for an Expert in the Circle Session, it is up to you how long you believe the session should be (up to 1 hour) for it to be beneficial for both you and the viewers.

What happens if I leave The Circle Club?

If you have hosted an Expert in the Circle Session that has already been uploaded to the Expert Vault the session will still be available for other members to view after you have left. You will no longer be able to view the other Expert in the Circle Sessions hosted by other members as you will loose access to the Expert Vault when terminating your membership.

What should I talk about when hosting an Expert in the Circle Session.

It should be a topic relating to your industry in which you feel you can share professional knowledge on.

How can I make my session as beneficial as possible for both myself and the viewers?

We recommend sharing a bit of basic background information on yourself and your business at the start of the session for the members watching that do not know you as well. A powerpoint presentation is not compulsory however, some sort of visuals are proven in helping engagement and understanding of certain topics. We also suggest that you do utilise the option of giving viewers an exclusive offering following the completion of your session and include one or more questions that we can ask you at the end to make the session interactive.

Can I request for my Expert in the Circle Session to be removed if i don’t like it?

Technically yes, however we ask you to respect the time inputted by us when the session was recorded, edited and uploaded before doing so.

Can I re-record my session if I’m not happy?

Of course, you will have to use another of your 3 sessions a year to do so though.

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