Tier 2 (LEIC) Speed Networking Sessions


What are Speed Networking Sessions?

Speed Networking Sessions are fast-paced, online-only networking events that have been specifically designed to help you quickly meet new members and build upon any existing relationships you already have in the group.

During these sessions, you will be placed into 3 separate breakout rooms with a different member each time. You will be given just 8 minutes to have a quick 1-1 before moving on to your next member. 

These sessions are members-only events, no guests are permitted.

When do they take place?

These fast-paced, 30-minute networking events occur fortnightly from 12:15pm-12:45pm every other Monday.

The sessions’ time, duration and online location aim to make it as easy as possible for you to build your network around a busy working schedule.

Where do they take place?

Online via Zoom.

What are the benefits?

  • Expand your network
  • Build on existing business connections
  • Access the event from the comfort of your own home/office
  • Connect with members from all counties and membership tiers
  • Expand your reach & promote your business
  • Do all this with little disruption to your working day

How do I access the sessions?

You must register for any Speed Networking Sessions you wish to attend. You can do so via Eventbrite, just select your desired date and click the ‘Member of The Circle Club’ option at the checkout. 


Which Membership Tiers are these events included in?

All. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 or the Commitment Tier (for Loyal Members).

Which Membership Tiers do not include these events?


What Tier should I join if I want to attend Speed Networking Events?

Any! Speed Networking Sessions are included in all of our membership packages. They are a great place to connect with members of ALL Tiers and Counties.

When are Speed Networking Sessions?

Every other Monday (unless there is a public bank holiday, in which they will transfer to the corresponding Tuesday).

Do I have to be a member to attend?

Yes, Speed Networking Sessions are exclusive to members of The Circle Club. Register HERE.

How long are the meetings?

Just half an hour! 12:15pm until 12:45pm. This is to help our members create new connections and build on existing relationships with as little disruption to their working day as possible!

Do I need to bring anything?

Absolutely nothing!

Is there a dress code?

Absolutely not! As these meetings tend to take place during work hours most attendees are in smart casual attire however, we have no dress code so please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Are the meetings formal?

No. We encourage a relaxed, friendly and positive environment as we believe this is the key to forming organic and lasting business relationships.

How do I access the event?

After registering via Eventbrite you will receive a confirmation email which contains the details of the event and the option to ‘View the event’. Please click this option at the time of the event where you will then be able to access the direct Zoom link for the meeting. You will also receive a reminder email 10 minutes before the event is due to take place with the same options.

I’ve registered for a Speed Networking Session but haven’t received any emails what should I do?

Please check your spam. If you still can’t find the emails reach out to a member of our team via either hello@the-circle.club or +44 1664 784 011.

As a member of The Circle Club, do I need to register myself for these sessions?

Yes, Speed Networking Sessions are included in all of our Membership Tiers and require our members to register for any/all of the sessions you would like to attend. Click HERE to view our upcoming Speed Networking Sessions.

Where do these events take place?

On Zoom, meaning attending causes as little disruption to your working day as possible.

Is attendance compulsory if you are a member?

 No, like all our events, attendance is completely optional. We understand that work commitments sometimes have to come first. We do however recommend attending as many as possible to make the most of your membership.

Can I invite guests?

No not to Speed Networking Sessions as they are exclusive to members of The Circle Club.

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